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VLOGRum (Vlog forum), is an effective way to express your ideas clearly to your audience via short video as if you are explaining face to face.

You can do VLOGRum in different platforms, for examples, Moodle, MS Teams and WhatsApp with your classmates and friends for your daily discussions and communication.

There are different tools to make vlog video for VLOGRum, e.g. AskCool.

AskCool is a handy mobile app to make short video for VLOGRum, enabling users to deliver impactful oral presentations while effectively complementing visual content.

In AskCool, you can sketch, illustrate, and annotate your ideas effortlessly. You can also add pdf, image, video and webpage resources to
enrich the content of your presentation. There are also some advanced features like keyframe, drawing pins to enhance the navigation experience during your elaboration.

To top it off, the voice recording functionality allows you to add narration and dialogue while you are elaborating your ideas, giving your creations an immersive and vivid sharing. With these combined features, you can effectively communicate your ideas in short video by using AskCool on mobile.

For details, please click here to learn more about AskCool in 5 minutes.

You can apply VLOGRum in the following scenarios:

  1. An instructor carrying out course material to the class and need feedback from students
  2. A meeting among group of members require to criticize all the details of procedures.
  3. Academic and interest group discussion advantaged by eliminating the ambiguities.
  4. Daily discussion via WhatsApp
  5. Activity planning
  6. Story telling



You can click here to learn how to upload vlog video to Moodle in Moodle mobile app.