[PAN001] Introduction to Lecture Capture Service using the “Panopto” system

Panopto Training Video      PAN001- Panopto Training Video  

The centrally managed lecture capture service is provided via the Panopto system. This one-hour training workshop will introduce teachers and eLearning support staff how to easily record their lectures using a classroom PC or their own laptops, and easily link a recording stored on a local Panopto server with an e-course in the central learning management system Moodle.

Using Panopto can be as simple as recording a teacher’s audio over a PowerPoint presentation. For advanced use, Panopto supports multiple video sources, like web camera, ceiling camera, and a visualizer with images of presentation materials.

A Pancast is stored in a server in the University and can be easily viewed over the web by students, especially from linked Moodle courses.

Please visit http://moodle-support.hku.hk/faq/which-classrooms-are-equipped-and-ready-panopto-recording for the list of lecture theatres and classrooms in the Centennial Campus and the Main Campus with audio feed and/or ceiling camera image fed into the classroom PC without further audio-visual cable connection.

Topics include:

  • Introduction of Panopto and its integration with Moodle
  • How to install Panopto recorder software on a laptop
  • How to capture a lecture with audio and PowerPoint presentation
  • How to enable video recording from single and multiple sources including visualizer with various presentation materials
  • How to publish your recorded video to Moodle courses or share to others
  • How to view your recordings
  • How to monitor viewers and usage
  • How to search PowerPoint content in a pancast

Learning Outcomes:

  • Prepare Panopto videos at office or in a lecture theatre
  • Upload, delete, and assign access right of your pancast
  • Record lectures
  • Share videos with students easily


  • Attendees are recommended to bring their laptops (best with webcam).