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Add a Turnitin Assignment

Turn Editing On
  1.  Add a Turnitin Assignment

1. Add a Turnitin Assignment

1. Go to the course which you want to edit and click Turn Editing On to enable the editing mode if you have not done so.

2. Go to the topic where you want to create the assignment. Click “Add an activity…” and select “Turnitin Assignment”.

3. Fill in the General information about the turnitin assignment including Assignment Name, Summary, submission type and Number of Parts, etc.

4. Fill in other information about the assignment includes the following (Optional).

Item Description
Overall Grade 1 1. The grade for the assignment is specified here. Choosing a number will become the maximum grade for this assignment. If you will not be giving a grade for the assignment, choose “No grade”.
Allow Late Submissions 2 1. if set it to “Yes”, it means students are allowed to submit work after the due date is passed.
Report Generation Speed 3

1. Generate reports immediately, first report is final – Students cannot resubmit the papers, the report will be generated immediately after students have submitted their papers.
2. Generate reports immediately, reports can be written until due date – The report is generated immediately. Students are allowed to resubmit the papers before the due date. Teachers can view the latest submission and resubmissions are not allowed after the due date.

Time is needed for the system to generate the originality report. For the second or later submission, it needs 24- hour to generate the report for the student.

3. Generate reports on due date – The submissions are generated on the due date. Resubmissions are allowed before the due date.

Other settings 4 1. Set the checking criterias accordingly.

Turnitin Options

5. After you complete filling all those information, you can click Save and displayto set the submission date of the assignment.

6. Click the Edit icon(pencil icon) to set the start date, due date and post date of the assignment. After setting the dates, click “Submit”.

Set dates

Assignment dates

7. Teachers can view the submissions by clicking “Submission Inbox”