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[PAN-004] Share existing video files to a Moodle course using Panopto Unison

The centrally managed lecture capture service is powered by the Panopto system.  A new Panopto module “Unison” supports uploading of a teacher’s existing video files in other video format into his Panopto folder easily. 

The teacher can then edit the imported video files using Panopto editing tools, including merging it with an existing Pancast (i.e. Panopto native recording).  After editing, the teacher can share the edited Pancast to students through the Panopto system.

This 30 minutes training workshop will introduce teachers and eLearning support staff to the use of Unison to import and share existing video files.

Topics include:

  • What types of video files can be uploaded to Panopto Unison
  • How to upload video files to Panopto Unison
  • Share the video (directly or after editing) to students through a Moodle course

Learning Outcomes:

After attending the workshop, you will be able to

  • Share existing video files to students in a Moodle course