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[PAN003] Jump Start of Camtasia users to use Panopto for Lecture Video Capturing

Some teachers have asked how Panopto differs from other video capturing products, e.g. Camtasia, that can record videos. Which tool one chooses depends on what kind of activity one wants to record, how much editing one wants to do, and how one wants to deliver the recordings.

In this one-hour training course, we will illustrate how Panopto differs from Camtasia, how to quickly start recording of audio and video synchronized with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and desktop screen of your Windows/Macintosh on a laptop before and during a lecture. Simple editing of a Panopto recording (called “Pancast”) will be illustrated.

Topics include:

  • Detailed comparison between Camtasia and Panopto
  • How to install Panopto recorder software
  • How to capture a lecture video with a combination of multiple video/audio sources, especially with PowerPoint presentation
  • How to view your recordings
  • How to monitor viewers and usage
  • Simple editing of a Panopto recording


Attendees are supposed to possess some knowledge about Camtasia and are recommended to bring their laptops with webcam to attend this course.

If an attendee does not have experience with Camtasia, he is recommended to attend the course [PAN001] Introduction of Panopto Lecture Video Capturing Solution.