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[PAN002] Edit, Share and Output Panopto Video Recording

Panopto Training Video
Panopto Training Video      PAN002-Panopto Training Video  

The centrally managed lecture capture service is provided via the Panopto system. This one-hour training workshop is for teachers and eLearning support staff who have attended the PAN-001 course and would like to learn further on how to edit, share and output your captured Panopto recording (called “Pancast”).

Panopto supports the use of a computer (Windows/Macintosh) or iPhone for recording of audio and video input (e.g. from cam, visualizer), and synchronizes with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and desktop screen of the computer. The recorded Pancasts can be easily viewed over the web, especially from linked Moodle courses.

Please visit for the list of lecture theatres and classrooms in the Centennial Campus and the Main Campus with audio feed and/or ceiling camera image fed into the classroom PC without further audio-visual cable connection.

Topics include:

  • How to merge two captured videos into one
  • How to trim the captured video recording
  • How to add captions on a recording
  • How to preview the edited video
  • How to save the edited video
  • How to share the captured/edited recording to students through your Moodle course
  • How to invite external users to view your published recordings
  • How to output a video recording e.g. MP4 to your desktop

Learning Outcomes:

After attending the workshop, you will be able to

  • Edit Panopto video online
  • Share videos with PowerPoint slide captions to others (captions enable searching within video easily)
  • Backup the Panopto videos