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New feature of Lecture Capture Service (LCS)- Panopto Unison (November 9, 2015)

Panopto supports teachers to do audio/video recording synchronized with PowerPoint slides and PC/Mac desktop display.  Students can view the recordings through Moodle courses and search inside the recordings.  

A new feature of Lecture Capture Service (LCS) is now available — the Panopto Unison module enables teachers to:

  • Upload their existing video files in other formats to the Panopto system,
  • Optionally edit and merge with other pancast (audio or video with/without PowerPoint slide show captured by Panopto), and
  • Share the uploaded video or edited pancast for viewing by students in a Moodle course.

Teachers can email to to request for a Unison account. 

The self-learning materials can be found at