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[MOD002] Assignments, Choices and Quizzes

This one-hour Moodle training course, with hands-on exercises, is intended for teachers and eLearning technical support staff who would like to use Moodle for assignment submission and quizzes in their course web sites. Participants will learn how to create and modify quizzes; work with different question types; review, reset, and reply to submission attempts; and grade the different types of quiz questions. Participants will also learn how to create different types of assignments.

Topics include:

  • creating and releasing assignments
  • returning submitted work for revision
  • reviewing submissions
  • entering grades and comments for assignments
  • creating and editing questions
  • incorporating customized question feedback
  • creating and releasing quizzes
  • using the Choice tool to create simple polls
  • working with random question sets
  • altering quiz content and updating scores
  • viewing submissions and giving feedback to students
  • overriding quiz grades and resetting attempts
  • reviewing item analysis to analyze the efficacy of individual questions

Prerequisites: Know how to set up a Moodle course website (e.g. attended Introduction to Moodle Learning Management System or Moodle Training Course on Setting up a Moodle Course Website)