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[MOD001] Setting Up a Moodle Course Website

This one-hour hands-on training course, with hands-on exercises, is designed for teachers and eLearning technical support staff to learn how to use Moodle to create course web sites. Participants will learn how to build a basic site containing course content and collaborative activities.

Topics include:

  • introduction to eLearning environment in HKU
  • understanding the process of enabling your Moodle courses
  • understanding methods of enrolling students, teachers and guests for your course
  • choosing the format and initial settings for a new course site
  • shortcut for adding common functions on Moodle
  • uploading basic content files
  • adding web links to external sites
  • creating content within Moodle using the built-in HTML editor
  • linking a YouTube embedded video
  • organizing content and adjusting site layout