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Lecture Recording via Zoom

Lecture Recording via Zoom

The Zoom block in Moodle has been renamed to “Lecture recording via Zoom” and is updated with the following features to enhance the E-learning experience. This “Lecture recording via Zoom” is added to all Moodle courses by default and appears on the top right hand corner in the Moodle course.

New features:

  • Recording will start automatically when teachers click to start the Zoom
  • Recording URL is displayed automatically in the block

Teachers have 2 ways to create zoom meeting through Moodle platform.

You can use the “Lecture recording via Zoom” block or use the “Zoom Meeting” activity to recording the lectures. For creating “Zoom Meeting” activity to recording the lectures, teachers can manually configure the zoom meeting settings through Moodle. The detail is mentioned in following sections.


A. If you are a Staff:

A1. For creating “Lecture recording via Zoom”

1 If there is no Zoom Meeting link created in the “Lecture recording via Zoom” yet, create Zoom meeting link for Lecture recording by clicking “Create the meeting”
2 Enter meeting title, e.g. Lecture 1 and Click “Confirm and Create Meeting”
3 Start ”Lecture recording via Zoom” by clicking the meeting title

Please note recording will start automatically when Zoom starts

You can create multiple lecture recordings for one Zoom meeting.

4 End the Lecture recording in Zoom and the recording links will be shown in the Completed Recordings section in the block


If you would like to organize the recordings, you can also create multiple Zoom meeting and create recordings for each Zoom meeting.

1 Click “Turn editing on”
2 Click “Add a new Lecture Recording”
3 Enter meeting title and Click “Confirm and Create Meeting”
4 End Editing mode by clicking “Turn editing off”
5 The recordings links will be organized by the Zoom title in the block.


A2. For creating “Zoom Meeting” activity

1 Click Green tab menu at top left corner
2 On the left side bar of the Moodle course, navigate to “Navigation” block > “Add Common Functions” > “Zoom Meeting”
3 Type Activity Name, and select “Zoom Meeting” in “Preconfigured tool”
4 Click “Save and Display”
5 Click “Schedule a New meeting”
6 In the Meeting/Recording settings, please note:

–  Choose “Record the meeting automatically” and “In the cloud”, to enable auto recording to the Zoom cloud

–  Add users in the “Alternative Hosts” fields for other users to start the Meeting/Recording

7 Save the setting
8 Share the meeting link for student joining the class online


B. For Student:

B1. View the Lecture recording via Zoom

1 Click the lecture recording links in the block to view the recording


B2. Join class via Zoom activity and view the lecture recording

1 Clicks the Zoom activity
2 Click the join URL in the “Upcoming Meetings” tab to join the class
3 Click the recording link in the “Cloud Recordings” tab page to view the recording