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How to enable Panopto to your Moodle course

Note: Only teachers or teaching support staff with “Teacher” or “Teaching Assistant” or “Course

Admin” role of a HKU Moodle course can enable Panopto to the Moodle course.


After the Panopto block is added, teachers and students can easily view the video recordings in a

Moodle course.



1. Go to the Moodle course.
2. Click “Turn editing on” on the top

right hand corner of your course.

3. Under “Add a block”, which on

the right/left hand side of the

bottom of your Moodle course

(based on the course theme

settings), select “Panopto”.

4. “Panopto” block will be added to your Moodle course. If the block shows “This course has not yet been provisioned.”, please click the link Provision Course to create the Panopto course folder.
5 Teachers and students in the course can click the video links under “Completed Recordings” when the videos are ready for viewing.