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Grade Book

  1. Basic Grade book
  2. Export and Import Grade book

1. Basic Grade book

1. Click the “Turn Editing On” if you have not done so.

2. “Click “Grades” in the Settings block.


3. Go to Grader report and you can edit the grade of the assignments. After making changes, remember to click Update button at the end of the page to save the changes.


2. Export and Import Grade book

You can also export the Excel spreadsheet to enter the grades.

1. Click “Export” tab.

Export grades

2. Click “Excel spreadsheet“.

Export grades

3. Check the items1 you would like to include in the excel file, and click “Submit2“.

Export options

4. Click “Download” and save the excel file.

5. Open the excel file and enter the grades.

Excel file

6. After entering the grades, save the file as CSV format1 and click “Save2“.

CSV format

7. Go back to Moodle course homepage. Click “Grades” in the Settings block.

8. Click “Choose a file” and choose the CSV file.

9. Click “Upload grades” and the import preview will be shown.

10. Use email to map the data1 under “Identify user by” column. In the “Grade item mappings” column, map the assignment2 grade with the appropriate item. Click “Upload grade3” after mapping.

Map data

11. “Grade import success” will be shown.