Frequently Asked Questions - General FAQs on Panopto for Teachers

  1. Can other teachers and students search a private video?
  2. Can teacher set the “expiry date” for the video?
  3. Panopto can add caption for powerpoint. Can Panopto add caption automatically from Google doc?
  4. What is the video download format from mac/window pc?
  5. Which windows system architecture does Panopto recorder software support? 32-bit or 64-bit?
  6. Does Panopto Recorder run on Linux?
  7. Can teachers install the recorder to their own computer?
  8. Does external viewer need a Panopto account to view a video?
  9. Can external viewer leave comments on video?
  10. Which browsers does Panopto support?
  11. How much storage does a teacher have on Panopto?
  12. Will Panopto video remove after a semester finished?
  13. Can I bring other AV equipment to the classroom for recording?
  14. Which classrooms are equipped and ready for Panopto recording?
  15. How can I share the recorded video (Pancast) for my students in a Moodle course?
  16. Can Panopto be used for iPhone?
  17. Can Panopto be used for android?
  18. What are the major differences of Camtasia and Panopto?
  19. Panopto account login page cannot be shown correctly when using IE, what should I do?
  20. Does Panopto support keynote 6?
  21. Who can create Panopto video in the Moodle course?
  22. How can I view or edit Panopto video by using Chrome browser?
  23. Can I use Panopto recorder v4.6 to make recordings?
  24. Errors on using Panopto recorder on Mac
  25. Are there any alternative means for accessing the sites on Moodle and Panopto from mainland China?
  26. I am an honorary staff. How can I access Moodle/Panopto platform?
  27. How long does it take to render a video in Camtasia?
  28. What to do if you cannot find your Panopto course folder?
  29. How to open the Panopto links in HKU Moodle in HKU App?