Students cannot see the grade of the assignment, what should I do?

Grade will not been shown to students in the following cases:

Case Steps to change the settings
1. Gradebook settings under course settings page.

To change the course settings,

1. Click "Edit Settings" in the Settings block.

Edit settings

2. Select "Yes" under "Show gradebook to students" if you want to let students know their own grade.

Edit settings

2. Gradebook settings under "Categories and items".

To change the course settings,

1. Go to gradebook and select "Categories and items" tab.

Categories and items

2. If the "eye" opens under "Actions" column, it means the grade item will be shown to students.

Edit settings

3. Assignment is hidden from students

Please note that students cannot view the assignment's grade if the assignment is hidden from students.

To change the settings,

1. Go to the course content page.

2. Click "Turn Editing On" button on the top right hand corner.

3. If the "eye" opens next to the assignment item, it means the assignment's grade will be shown to students.