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What is the Moodle Course Archive System?

Moodle has been in place to support the University’s electronic teaching and learning since 2011. More course materials are being kept on Moodle year after year and new teaching materials are being added every year. The majority of teaching and learning activities are taking place on the current year courses. Past courses materials stored on Moodle are mostly for read-only reference purposes. More information of “Read-only” in a Moodle course can be found here. It will be a good practice to off load the old e-courses and their materials to archive servers to give better server performance and storage for the current e-courses.

ITS has introduced the Moodle Course Archive System in July 2014 with aims to distribute the ever increasing Moodle production system’s loading to the Archive platform and establish a long term mechanism to handle the accumulating Moodle courses and materials. Our users including teachers, staff and students can continue to access the courses which are older than two years via the eLearning tab of HKU portal. Course materials will be kept a maximum of six years.