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I have several subclasses (Moodle courses) of a same course, and I don’t want to upload the same set of materials to every Moodle courses of this same course, how can I do that?

You are recommended to apply for a new “teacher-requested” Moodle course by filling an online application form in HKU Portal

1. Go to “My eLearning” tab

2. Click the link “Access your Moodle courses, if any

3. Click the link “If you would like to create additional Moodle courses, please click here“.

When you fill in the application form, under the question: “Would you like to use this course to replace the course template that is/will be created according to the Official Course Code information registered in the Student Information System (SIS)?” Please select “No” since it is a non-SIS course.

After you have sumbitted the application form, a new Moodle course will be created for you and you can start adding your students into this course.

4. You can add more than one class of students through HKU Portal to the Moodle course after the course is created. You can find more information on how to grant student access to the Moodle course at .