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How can I restore a Moodle backup file which exceeds 100MB?

If your Moodle course is too large when you perform the backup function, you may end up with a backup file which exceeds 100MB. You need to upload the backup file when you try to restore the course by using “Restore” function.

It is not possible to upload a too large backup file since the maximum upload file size is 100MB on Moodle. Here are three suggested alternatives for you to restore a backup file of which its size exceeds 100MB.

Alternative 1 (Send the backup file to ITS to restore)

You may send the backup file stored in a media (e.g. CD / USB thumb drive) through internal post to IT Services, eLearning Team, RRS221, Run Run Shaw Building. Please state the course code and we will restore the course for you.

Alternative 2 (Backup your course in multiple files of smaller size)

When you are doing the backup in the course, you can configure the backup settings by selecting what kinds of information you want to backup.

You can backup your course in multiple files to make each backup file size less than 100MB.

Alternative 3 (Use the “Import” function)

You can use “Import” function instead of “Backup and Restore” function to adopt the course materials from one course to another as long as you have a teacher role in both courses.

1. Go to your new Moodle course and select “Import” in “Settings” block.

2. Search and select the course to import materials from, then click “Continue”.

3. Follow the steps shown on the webpage, click “Next” button to go the next step, until step “6. Complete”.