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How can I link to HKU Library e-resources?

Linking to HKU Libraries e-resources

To facilitate student access to the library e-resources, Faculty members can either link the materials in Moodle or create an Online Course Reserve in the library catalogue.

Materials available for Moodle integration are not limited to journal articles or ebooks. Extensive e-resources in multimedia format, such as streaming videos or music, can also be linked for student access. In linking these resources, please follow the instructions at Online Reading List . This will trigger the HKU Library authentication to allow off-campus access. Remember to test the URL prior to releasing the web page.

For Online Course Reserves, Faculty members can simply fill out the Reserve Materials Request Form. Readings under that course will become searchable in the library catalogue by course title/ code or the instructor’s name.

Students wishing to explore further beyond the course materials can visit the Electronic Resources webpage or the LibGuides page. These websites provide the gateway to a wide spectrum of databases, either of multi-disciplinary nature which would suit undergraduates in general or on specific subject areas for in-depth discovery of information. LibGuides, in particular, are focused on bringing together an array of course specific resources and services as well as an introduction to each specialist librarian in each discipline.

To learn how to use these resources, you are most welcome to attend our library courses or Ask a Librarian.