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Frequently Asked Questions – General Moodle FAQs for Teachers

  1. Do I need to apply for a Moodle course? When my Moodle course would be ready for use?
  2. How do I access Moodle?
  3. Why students cannot see my course in Moodle?
  4. I have added students under My eLearning tab, when will it reflect on Moodle?
  5. Some other teachers are added into my course as teacher role, what should I do?
  6. I am a teacher. Why I cannot see my teaching course under my eLearning tab?
  7. Is there any guideline for teachers and students if they want to upload any commercial/copyrighted materials onto Moodle?
  8. How can I see Moodle course in a student view?
  9. Can I access Moodle outside campus?
  10. How can I download course backup files?
  11. How can I remove course backup files?
  12. How can I restore a Moodle backup file which exceeds 100MB?
  13. How can I apply for a departmental course administrator account on Moodle?
  14. How can I link to HKU Library e-resources?
  15. How can I get timely Moodle support?
  16. How can I make some suggestions to HKU Moodle platform?
  17. Students cannot see the grade of the assignment, what should I do?
  18. Is there any University guidelines for using external services about eLearning?
  19. How to change my Moodle password?
  20. Why can’t I receive email when someone sent me message?
  21. I have several subclasses (Moodle courses) of a same course, and I don’t want to upload the same set of materials to every Moodle courses of this same course, how can I do that?
  22. My HTML editor cannot be shown correctly when using IE, what should I do?
  23. How can I seek help on Moodle?
  24. How to send a class email on Moodle?
  25. What is the Moodle Course Archive System?
  26. Does Moodle have daily down time?
  27. What is a “Read-Only” Moodle course?
  28. Fail to download PDF files in Moodle due to Kaspersky anti-virus software
  29. Can I access my previous Turnitin V1 assignments after installing Turnitin assignment V2 plugin on Moodle?
  30. Can teacher upload their own videos to moodle? What format does moodle support and any size limitation?
  31. I am an honorary staff. How can I access Moodle/Panopto platform?
  32. When will be the updates to Class Planner and Room Booking System (CPRB) refreshed in Tutorial Sign-up Application?