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Are there any alternative means for accessing the sites on Moodle and Panopto from mainland China?

Link to a system Alternative access method If you encounter any connection problem to Panopto (, please try the following:

  • Connect through HKUVPN
  • Try to connect with another networks (eg. mobile network or another broadband network)

Teachers and students may see a security warning when they visit the alternative links.  Please follow the steps below to proceed the connection in accordance with the browser that you are using:

  1. Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Edge
  4. Internet Explorer 11
  5. Safari

1. Using Chrome

  1.    Click “Advanced
  2.    Click “Proceed to (unsafe)

2. Using Firefox

  1.  Click “Advanced
  2.    Click “Accept the Risk and Continue

3. Using Edge

  1.  Click “Details
  1.  Click “Go on to the webpage (Not Recommended)

4. Using Internet Explorer 11

  1.  Click “More information
  2.    Click “Go on to the webpage (not recommended)

5. Using Safari

  1.    Click “Show Details
  2.    Click “visit this website
  3.    Click “Visit Website
  4.    Click “Cancel
  5.    Search and open “Keychain Access” from your Mac
  6.  Click “Certificates”, double click “*
  7.    Expand the “Trust” from the new window
  8.    Select “Always Trust” for “When using this certificate
  9.    Close the Screen, enter yourMac account and password, click “Update Setting
  10.   Refresh the webpage