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Examinations timetable (May 13, 2015)

The hyperlink to the Examinations Timetable is included in the “My eLearning” tab of HKU Portal for student’s convenient access. It is located under the “My eLearning resources” area of the “My eLearning” tab. The examinations timetable will show the examinations which the student’s courses are registered in the Registry.  The exminations timetable webpage is equivalent to the webpage by navigatiing through “My Page” > “SIS Menu” > “Enrollment” > “Examinations Timetable” in HKU Portal.

In addition, students can also view the Examinations timetable by “curriculum” or by “offering department” through the hyperlinks “Examination timetable by curriculum” and “Examination timetable by offering department” respectively.