Faculty Contacts for Updating Class Staff Information (CSI)

Starting from 16 Aug 2013, Teachers, Teaching Assistant and Moodle Course Administrator of a Moodle course are centrally registered and maintained by the new Class Staff Information system (CSI) of SIS. To add or update any of these roles to your Moodle course, you need to contact your Course Administrator or staff who is responsible for the course enrollments of your Department/Faculty to update CSI records. The new updates on CSI will be reflected on Moodle five times a day at 8:30, 11:30, 14:30, 16:30 and 19:30 respectively.

The following is the contact list of faculty contacts for your reference.

Last updated: 18 December 2019

Faculty School/Department/Division Name Email Phone
Architecture Department of Architecture Ms Angela Ting aklting  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 2859 2135
Architecture Department of Architecture Ms Mei Cheng meic  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 3917 5835
Architecture Department of Real Estate and Construction Ms Susan Ip slip  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 2857 8628
Architecture Department of Urban Planning and Design Ms Ivy Chan iyychan  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 2859 2721
Architecture Department of Urban Planning and Design Ms Yan Wong hywong17  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 2859 1102
Arts School of Chinese Ms Yammy Kwong yammy  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 3917 2755
Arts School of Humanities - Department of Comparative Literature Mr Joseph Tang wptang  data-cke-saved-src=hkucc.hku.hk 3917 7040
Arts School of Humanities - Department of History Mr Andy Leung koaleung  data-cke-saved-src=hkucc.hku.hk 3917 8606
Arts School of Humanities - Department of Music Ms Fei Hung feihung  data-cke-saved-src=hkucc.hku.hk 3917 2796
Arts School of Modern Languages and Cultures Ms Cheung Yuen Pik Zena zcheung  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 3917 2904
Arts Centre for Applied English Studies Mr Charlie Leung charlieleung  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 3917 5019
Business and Economics Faculty of Business and Economics Ms Ada Lam adalamky  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 3917 2204
Education -- Ms Elaine Yu eylyu  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 2859 2286
Engineering Department of Computer Science Ms Smitty Lam smitty  data-cke-saved-src=eee.hku.hk 2859 7093
Engineering Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Miss Brenda Lee brendale  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 2859 2618
Engineering Medical Engineering Programme Ms Charlotte Cheng chengwsc  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 2241 5911
Law Department of Law Ms Lydia Bute lbute  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 3917 9608
Medicine (for undergraduate courses) Ms Kit Tang kittang  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 3917 9547
Medicine (for research postgraduate courses) Mr Anthony Lo antlsy  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk    3917 9341
Medicine (for taught postgraduate courses) Ms Clare Wong mcwong  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 3917 9329
Science School of Biomedical Sciences Ms Kinny Lau Po King kpklau  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 2241 5320
Science Department of Earth Sciences Mr Lam Tsz Shun, Terence terlam  data-cke-saved-src=maths.hku.hk 2241 5199
Science Department of Physics Ms Rachel Liu rachel.liu  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 2859 2367
Science Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science Mr Frankie Ng fng1  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 3917-8319
Social Sciences Department of Geography Miss Bonnie Mak makbon  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 3917 5562
Social Sciences Department of Psychology Miss Joey Lau jyylau  data-cke-saved-src=socwork.hku.hk 3917 4732
Social Sciences Department of Sociology Mr Vincent Chau sscws  data-cke-saved-src=hku.hk 3917 1156