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A quick start

  1. Access Moodle

    Users are recommended to use “Firefox” or “Chrome” browser to access the Moodle platform since they have a better performance on browsing the Moodle platform.

    Moodle can be accessed via HKU Portal.

    1. Login HKU Portal at
    2. Select My eLearning tab
    3. Access your Moodle courses by clicking “Access” link under the column “Moodle course“.
      My eLearning tab
  2. Moodle course homepage

    1. The course homepage in Moodle looks like the figure below.
    Moodle course content page
    2. You can simply click on the name of the items to see the content.

  3. User Profile

    Users are recommended to review their Moodle profile and make sure the information is correct when they first login the Moodle platform.

    Go to the user profile page:

    1. Click the profile picture icon on the top right hand corner in the Moodle page, select “Profile”.
    2. To edit the profile information, click “Edit Profile”.
    3. (Optional)You can upload your own profile picture under “User picture” section.
    4. Click “Update profile” button at the end of the page to save the updated information.