Moodle Video Tutorials for Teachers

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Video by HKU Information Technology Services.
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eLearning Pedagogical Support Unit, CETL.
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Quick Moodle course start-up video tutorials

You can set up your Moodle course very easily by uploading course materials, creating assignments and Turnitin Assignments (A plagiarism checking tool).

The following 3 videos might help you to get started easily.

Quick Moodle course start-up video tutorials  Add course content (1 minute 29 seconds) Transcript
Assignment (1 minute 53 seconds) Transcript
Turnitin Assignment (3 minutes 4 seconds) Transcript

More video tutorials

For more advanced Moodle functions, please visit the following tutorials below.

Themes Video Tutorials
Assessment tools on Moodle HKU video-AssignmentAssignment (1 minute 53 seconds) Transcript
HKU video-Turnitin Assignment Turnitin Assignment (3 minutes 4 seconds)  Transcript
HKU video-Turnitin GradeMark Part I - Drag and drop commentsTurnitin GradeMark Part I - Drag and drop comments (4 minutes 27 seconds) newTranscript
HKU video-Turnitin GradeMark Part II - Rubric Turnitin GradeMark Part II - Rubric (4 minutes 58 seconds)newTranscript
HKU video-Turnitin GradeMark Part III - Inline comments and General comments Turnitin GradeMark Part III - Inline comments and General comments (4 minutes 50 seconds) newTranscript
HKU video-Quiz -Add questions to question bank Quiz -Add questions to question bank (3 minutes 10 seconds)Transcript
HKU video-Quiz -Add Quiz Quiz -Add Quiz (1 minute 46 seconds) Transcript
Advanced features on Moodle HKU video-Group Choice Group Choice (2 minutes 3 seconds) Transcript
HKU video-MessagingMessaging (2 minutes 5 seconds) Transcript
HKU video-AttendanceAttendance (4 minutes 11 seconds) new Transcript
EPSU videoGiving it a website-like appearance (5 minutes 6 seconds)
EPSU videoMoodle Groups and Groupings (3 minutes 28 seconds)
EPSU videoAvoiding the scroll of death (2 minutes 22 seconds)