1. Create a Quiz
  2. Add Questions to a Quiz

  1. Create a Quiz


    1. Access the Moodle course where you want to create a quiz.
    2. Click Turn Editing On to turn on the editing mode for the moodle course.
    3. Click "Add an activity or resource" and select "Quiz" in the topic where you want to create the quiz. 
      Quiz settings
    4. In the quiz editing page, fill in the general infomation of the quiz.
    5. Set the over all feed back information of the quiz, Overall feedback is text that is shown after a quiz has been attempted.(Optional)
    6. After you complete filling all those information, you can click the Save page/Save page to create a new quiz.
  2. Add questions to a quiz

    After Create a Quiz in your Moodle course, the next step is adding questions to the newly created quiz.

    1. Select the quiz you created.(Please turn on editing mode, if you have not done so)
    2. Click "Edit quiz" in the Settings block undert "Quiz administration" to edit the quiz.
    3. Under the "Editing quiz"1 tab, you can "Add a question"2 or "Add a random question"3. 
    4. A. Add a question
      1. Click the "Add a question" button, then choice a question type to add and click "Next"
      2. Once question type is chosen, you will be taken to the question form. (Multiple choice in this example). Fill in the information about your question.(Question name1, Question text2, Default mark3 etc.)
      3. Fill in to choice answer for your Multiple choice question, then assign grade or feed back message for each option.
      4. Please set the "Penalty for each incorrect try" to 0%, if you don`t want penalty on incorrect try.
      5. After filling in all the information, Click the "Save changes" Button to create the new question. Then a new question is created in your quiz
      6. You can continue to click "Add a question..." to add more questions into your quiz. After finish adding the new questions. Please click the "Save" button to save change in your quiz.
      7. You can also Add new page in your quiz by clicking "Add page here" button. Then add questions into each page.

      B. Add a random question

      1. Clicking the "Add a random question" button.
      2. Select the Catagory which you want the random question will be selected from. Then click "Add random question"
      3. Please click "Save" button to save the change of your quiz after you finish adding questions into the quiz.