Panopto lecture video capture and other tools (February 9, 2020)

The Panopto system has been upgraded on February 9, 2020 and the system capacity is enhanced.

We observe growing demand of Panopto Lecture Capture Service when teaching online is now in full swing.  For better experience of using Panopto, here are some suggestions:

  1. Peak hours (11am - 6pm) of Panopto system

  • The system log shows that Panopto is very busy in supporting viewing teaching videos between 11am - 6pm.  To avoid the peak hours, please consider to record video for uploading in other hours.

  1. Recording teaching video (called “pancast”) anywhere

  • Pancast recording is not only limited to classroom PCs in classrooms on campus.  Staff can install the Panopto recorder software on any PC, Mac or even mobile devices (both iOS & Android),and do recording at home or in office or anywhere.  Please refer to the user guide:

Our support resources website for teachers is

Please contact us at if you have questions on Moodle and Panopto.