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New Moodle and Panopto Usage Report of Individual Courses (January 15, 2015)

Table of contents

1) Introduction

2) Moodle report

3) Panopto report

1) Introduction

This function is located in the one-stop eLearning hub under the “My eLearning tab” of HKU Portal (please see Figure 1) where you can find usage statistics of Moodle and Panopto, a lecture capture service (LCS) (please see Figure 2).

Figure 1 – Access the “Moodle and Panopto usage report” in one-stop eLearning hub

Figure 2 – Moodle and Panopto usage report

2) Moodle reports

2.1) Activity Report

In Figure 2, in the Moodle block, click the link “Activity report” to access the “Moodle activity report” function where the number of views of each learning activity (e.g. “assignment”,“forum”) in your Moodle course will be shown (Figure 3). The statistics provide you an idea to what extent each learning activity is accessed by the users.

Figure 3 – Activity Report

In the Moodle activity report, the learning activities are grouped by the topic sections in a Moodle course. In Figure 3, there are 4 topic sections created in the course, namely Topic 1, Topic 2, Assignment deadline notification testing and Nicky Testing (EPSU). Under each section, the number of views of each learning activities (i.e. how many times each learning activity link has been clicked by users for viewing) are shown in the “Views” column.


2.2) Course Participation

The course participation report shows the participation of enrolled users in a particular activity module within past period of time.

Figure 4 – Course Participation

Figure 4. - Participation Report


2.3) Activity Completion

The activity completion report indicates the completion status of activities by the students in the Moodle course, provided that the activity completion setting is enabled for the activities.

Figure 5 – Activity completion

Figure 5. - Completion Report


2.4) Statistics

The statistics graphs and tables show how many view and post actions on various parts of the Moodle course during the selected time frames.

Figure 6 – Statistics

Figure 6. Statistics Report


3) Panopto report

In Figure 2, the Panopto section shows the usage statistics of any Panopto capture recording (called Pancast) of your Moodle course. The statistics include:

  • No. of Views (i.e. how many times each Pancast has been clicked by users for viewing)
  • No. of distinct Viewers (i.e. how many distinct users have viewed the Pancast)
  • No. of views per distinct viewer (i.e. how many times in average each distinct user has viewed the Pancast using the calculation No. of Views/No. of distinct Viewers)

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