Issue with Embedded Panopto video in Moodle due to Google Chrome 80 update (February 3, 2020)

Google is releasing an update to Chrome, planned for Feb 4, 2020, that blocks Panopto’s embedded videos in Moodle.  If users use Google Chrome web browser, they will be unable to access Panopto videos or Panopto video lists which are using the embedding method (ie. using <iframe src="xxx"></iframe>), and will see a message indicating that their browser is not accepting cookies.
We suggest the teachers to add Panopto block in the Moodle course, which contain the Panopto video links. The user guide for adding Panopto block in Moodle course can be found at Besides, the teachers and students can use other web browsers (eg. IE, FireFox) to access the Panopto video in Moodle.