Frequently Asked Questions - Genearl Moodle FAQs for Teachers

  1. Do I need to apply for a Moodle course? When my Moodle course would be ready for use?
  2. How do I access Moodle?
  3. Why students cannot see my course in Moodle?
  4. I have added students under My eLearning tab, when will it reflect on Moodle?
  5. Some other teachers are added into my course as teacher role, what should I do?
  6. I am a teacher. Why I cannot see my teaching course under my eLearning tab?
  7. Is there any guideline for teachers and students if they want to upload any commercial/copyrighted materials onto Moodle?
  8. How can I see Moodle course in a student view?
  9. Can I access Moodle outside campus?
  10. How can I download course backup files?
  11. How can I remove course backup files?
  12. How can I restore a Moodle backup file which exceeds 100MB?
  13. How can I apply for a departmental course administrator account on Moodle?
  14. How can I link to HKU Library e-resources?
  15. How can I get timely Moodle support?
  16. How can I make some suggestions to HKU Moodle platform?
  17. Students cannot see the grade of the assignment, what should I do?
  18. Is there any University guidelines for using external services about eLearning?
  19. How to change my Moodle password?
  20. Why can't I receive email when someone sent me message?
  21. I have several subclasses (Moodle courses) of a same course, and I don’t want to upload the same set of materials to every Moodle courses of this same course, how can I do that?
  22. My HTML editor cannot be shown correctly when using IE, what should I do?
  23. How can I seek help on Moodle?
  24. How to send a class email on Moodle? (March 9, 2016)
  25. What is the Moodle Course Archive System?
  26. Does Moodle have daily down time?
  27. What is a "Read-Only" Moodle course?
  28. Fail to download PDF files in Moodle due to Kaspersky anti-virus software (November 2, 2015)
  29. Any plugins disable in Moodle 3.0?
  30. Can I access my previous Turnitin V1 assignments after installing Turnitin assignment V2 plugin on Moodle?